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Annex 2?1922.01.02 Mones Gochin issued LT passport - the list of pass issued
Annex 3?  Sroel Gochin family member list - Papile Jew Council - Official - Testimony instead of civil record
Annex 51942.03.11LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.10, l.108Telsiai Bishop Curia explains regarding print house confiscation.
Annex 5-11941.07.04LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.10, l.87Juodikis requests table for governmental print house.
Annex 5-21941.07.04LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.10, l.86Telsiai municipality permit for table for print house.
Annex 71944.12.17LYA f.3377, a.55, b.41, l.107-119Vytautas Stonis explains to the Soviets the structure of LAF.
Annex 91941.07.25Zemaiciu zeme. 1941 Nr.5. Telsiai, Lithuania.Excerpts from newspaper Zemaiciu zeme No 5.
Annex 101941.07.11, 1941.07.15Zemaiciu zeme. 1941 Nr.2, Nr.4. Telsiai, Lithuania.Excerpts from Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler.
Annex 121941.07.21LCVA f.R-1075, a.2 b.18, l.155Request to issue bed linen for German commendant office.
Annex 12-11942.05.02LCVA f.R-1075, a.2, b.10, l.128Expenditure German officers 1941-1942 Telsiai.
Annex 12-21941.07.02LCVA f.R-1075, a.2, b.6, l.21Order to collect property - firearms to local riflemen- goods to Telsiai.
Annex 16-1?1941.06.30LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.20, l.10Alka requests equipment from previously Jewish laboratories
Annex 16-2?1941.07.04LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.1, l.1Povilas Rumbutis appointed as manager of Jewish property in Telsiai
Annex 16-3?1941.07.04LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.18, l.85Furniture to Telsiai prosecutor Antanėlis
Annex 16-4?1941.07.08LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.18, l.124Policeman requests household furniture in instalments
Annex 16-5?1941.07.14LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.18, l.14Transfer of bonnet manufacture
Annex 16-6?1941.07.12LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.18, l.132Instruction by Telsiai burmister to return plundered property to warehouse
Annex 16-7?1941.07.15LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.6, l.19Instructions of head of the Telsiai district - property plundering
Annex 16-8?1941.07.22LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.18, l.158Telsiai municipality authorisation to police to transport the remaining Jewish property from Rainiai
Annex 16-91941.07.04-05LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.18, l.1a, 17, 103Permissions for Jews to take small household goods
Annex 16-10?1942.09.04LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.6, l.419Siauliai Region Commissar orders to register Jewish furniture present at Telsiai institutions
Annex 17?1941.09.23LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.18, l.241Telsiai burmister request to calculate Gheto expenses to Head of District
Annex 18c.1941.06.24LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.19, l.3RPermit to carry firearms.
Annex 18-11941.10.02LMAVB RS f.76-181, l.147rGewecke order: previous licenses are held invalid.
Annex 191994Matas Krygeris. Rūstūs prisiminimai.Excerpt from Matas Krygeris book - Wrathful memories.
Annex 20? LCVA f.R-1441, a.2, b.10, l.4Vladas Bauza - Death sentence- Telsiai battlefield court
Annex 211941.07.02LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.20, l.12500 bed linen for Telsiai prison.
Annex 22-1? LCVA f.R-739, a.1, b.4, l.12LAF order 20 000 RB fine to Jews
Annex 22-2 LCVA f.R-739, a.1, b.4, l.11LAF order to Joniskis municipality to register hidden Jewish property.
Annex 22-3?1941.07.18LCVA f.R-739, a.1, b.4, l.13 
Annex 23?1941.07.24LCVA f.R-1099, a.1, b.2, l.81Order of Siauliai district Juozas Urbaitis - against the actions of activists
Annex 24?1941.07.24LCVA f.R739, a.1, b.4, l.17LAF Siauliai order No 2
Annex 24-41941.08.22LCVA f.R-1099, a.1, b.1, l.156Noreika order on resetlement of Jews to Zagare.
Annex 251941.07.25LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.6, l.35Noreika order LAF Telsiai.
Annex 25-11941.07.26LCVA f.1075, a.2, b.6, l.34Cover letter for Noreika order LAF Telsiai.
Annex 26?1941.08.09LCVA-f.R-1099, a.1, b.2, l.137Noreika order on resettlement of Jews of Tryskiai town
Annex 271941.08.06LCVA f.R-1099, a.1, b.1, l.113Noreika instructions on unattended property.
Annex 27-11941.08.16LCVA f.R-1099, a.1, b.1, l.113Update of Noreika instructions regarding Jewish property and order on resident occupational list.
Annex 281941.09.10LCVA f.R-1099, a.1, b.1, l.239Noreika order on prompt liquidation of Jewish property.
Annex 291941.10.14LCVA f.R-1099, a.1, b.2, l.456Commissar order on liquidation of Jewish property.
Annex 311941.10.23LCVA f.R-1099, ap.1, b.2, l.670.Appointment of new owner of the Jewish Shneider farm
Annex 32? LCVA f.R-1099, a.1, b.2, l.544Noreika requests transfer of previously jewish windmill in Kursenai
Annex 33? LCVA f.R-1099, a.1, b.2, l.338Use of Jewish labour at railway works - request to Noreika for firearms
Annex 33-1?1941.09.23LCVA f.R-1099, a.1, b.2, l.440Use of Jewish labour at railway works - Noreika requests firearms
Annex 33-2? LCVA f.R-1099, a.1, b.2, l.504Use of Jewish labour at railway works - missing payment
Annex 33-3? LCVA f.R-1099, a.1, b.2, l.294Noreika returns 27 jewish railway labours to ghetto
Annex 35?1946.09.21, 1946.09.24LYA 58-1b. l.11-13Interogation protocol of Zagare burmister Silvestras Rakštys
Annex 36? LCVA f.R-1099, a.1, b.2, l.380Noreika permission to retain Jewish dental technician in Joniskis
Annex 37? LCVA f.R-1099, a.2, b.2, l.133Remuneration for soldiers of Siauliai self defence corpus
Annex 38?1941.09.04LYA f.K-40, a.2, b.38, l.48Summary of advisory meeting Siauliai 1941 September in Gewecke office
Annex 392019.04.11A Response to The Statement of The Genocide and Resistance Research CentreInternational commission reply on Lithuanian Genocide centre statement of 2019 03 27
Annex 402018.05.25Silvia Foti. Confirmation For Jonas Noreika’s Historical Research. 
Annex 42 Plungės turizmo informacijos centras. Plungės žydų takais. 2018.Page 18 of Plunge town Tourist informatikon centre release „On Pathways of Plunge Jews“
Annex 432015.11.16 GRRCL Facebook profile post of 2015 November 16
Annex 43-12015.11.16 GRRCL Facebook profile GRRCL commentary to their own post of 2015 November 16
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