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Gochin Annexes

This is translation of Plunge town Tourist information centre release „On Pathways of Plunge Jews“ [Lith: Plunges zydu takais], ISN 315.15 (474.5), which is a 48 page journal with map of numbered houses and description of their history. Available in print versijon at Plunge tourist informatikon centre and interactive map online.


page 18

26 House of Leibas Orlianskis (Now Tumo Vaizganto str 9)

House was standing near sinagogues. In 1941 house was taken over by white banded. Here lived town commandat Jonas Noreika – „General Storm“. He was the organizer of execution of Jews.


[description below photo]

Sinagogue on the left, on the right L.Orliankis house

Photo from Facebook profile

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