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Zemaiciu zeme No 2 11th July 1941

4 Zemaiciu zeme No 2 1941.VII.11

Adolf Hitler thoughts from Mein Kampf

1. Fight agains jewish world bolshevism requests clear resolution toward Soviet Union. Devil cannot be chased away by Belzabub (752).

2. In Russian bolshevism, in our living twentieth century we shall foresee jewish effort to gain world power, in the same way, as in other times they were seeking the same goal by other but essentially relative means (751).

3. Governors of current Russia don’t think of entering into honourable union or sustaining it. It is unforgettable that governors of current Russia are rascal criminals smeared with blood - dregs of society, whom by using comfortable relations, captured big country during tragic hour, wildly thirsty for blood killed and executed millions of administering intelligence and soon be ten years they exercise cruelest tyranny regime of all times. It is unforgettable further, that these governors belong to nation where animal cruelty mixes with talent of crooked lie in unique blend which today more than ever expects being summoned to impose it’s bloody oppression to the whole world. It is unforgettable that international jew which reigns in Russia foresees in Germany not an ally but a state assigned to same oppression (750).


Zemaiciu zeme No 4 15 th July 1941

Bolshevik jewish state poisoning

Thoughts from Mein Kampf

Jew shall never conquer state which is racially clean and perceiving it’s blood meaning. In our world he will forever remain only lord of bastards (mixed nations). Therefore he makes planned efforts to diminish racial level in order to poison its individual members. Politically he begins to change democratic thought into thought of proletariat dictatorship. He found a weapon in organised mass of marksism, which is no longer provided by democracy and which allows to conquer and reign states with brutal fist instead. He works revolutionary work according to schedule in two directions: economical and political. Nations which from inside resolve to oppose oppression he by it’s international influences surrounds with net of enemies, agitates for war and finally even in battlefields upraises the flag of revolution. Economically he sucks out the state until social institutions become not functional and disconnected from governmental influence and are connected to his financial control. Politically he does not provide means for sustainment, destroys every basis of national movement and defence, destroys faith, government, despises history of the past and all that is magnificent he throws into dreg pit. Culturally he infects arts, literature, theater, perverts natural taste, diminishes all concepts of beauty, glory, honour and good and so drags humans into state of cursed infamy. Religion is made a funny and obsolete propagator of good until last basis of national fight for existence fall down. Then final revolution begins. When jew reaches political power he drops final covers he worn. Democratic national jew becomes a blood jew and tyrant of nations. Within short time he tries to annihilate carriers of national intelligence and nations forfeit of their natural spiritual governance are matured to faith of slaves of long oppression. Scariest example of this species is Russia, where jew with surely fanatical cruelty and inhuman torture has killed and executed by starvation thirty million humans, for a handful of jews bandits of literature and stock market could grant overpower of large nation. The end is not only for liberty of nations oppressed by jew but also the end to very parasite of nations. After victim’s death, sooner or later vampire also dies (357-358).

Annex 10 (Original)

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