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For burmisters of towns of Telsiai and Plunge and all heads of parish

After expel of red army and runaway of communists and jews from our land, there is a lot of various property without any attention. Property deteriorates and is destroyed and stolen by dishonest citizens.

Therefore we oblige Mister very quickly to make feats in order to collect and save property from disappearance.

From collected goods foodstuffs, colonial goods, kerosene, fuel, gas oil and any other oil you need to handle immediately to local cooperatives, phone and telegraph accessories to local post, guns and all ammunition to local riflemen or police.

When handling the property act should be written, where amount and value of goods if possible should be indicated. Copies of such acts should be immediately send to Head of Telsiai district.

All remaining goods should be loaded into warehouses and kept there until our further notice. If warehouse is absent then property should be sent to Telsiai.

You should inform us about these collecting events in writing or phone on wednesdays and saturdays, by indicating what property and how much was collected. In case of misunderstandings related to this business inform us by phone No 180.

Head of Telsiai district [signature]

Telsiai, 1941 july 2nd

No. 58

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