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Head of Siauliai town and disitrict

August 22, 1941

No. 962

To all heads of parish and burmisters of secondary towns of the Siauliai district

(Copy for heads police stations)

By the order of Siauliai region commissar, all citizens of jewish nationality as well as half-jews, must be resettled from the district’s parishes and boroughs and housed in one neighborhood, the ghetto. All jewish property must be registered and protected in municipalities concern.

To this effect, I order:

1. The jews residing in all parish, secondary towns and boroughs must be transferred to the town of Zagare, from 25th to 29th day of this month. Corresponding municipalities will provide means for resettlement.

2. The lists of jewish property left behind must be remitted to me in 2 copies by August 29. Resettled jews are allowed to take essential household objects and clothing, and up to 200 RM in cash for each jewish family.

3. In Zagare, all jews are housed in a separate neighborhood, which must be fenced off by August 30th. Municipality of Zagare will render the fencing of ghetto neighborhood. Every day, jews of the ghetto must be escorted from the quarter under guard for work and returned to ghetto.

4. Non-jewish citizens residing in the quarter destined for the jews, are allowed to choose other existing localities in district boundaries. If a non-jewish person has to move out, leaving his immovable property behind, one is allowed to choose property of equal value left by the jews in Zagare or in other towns and boroughs.

5.Parish heads and burmisters are ordered to inform me on fulfillment of this order by 29th day of this month, indicating what has been done and how, and how many jews have been resettled. The burmister of Zagare must also inform me of the total number of jews housed in Zagare.

Head of town and district [signature]

Secretary [signature]

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