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To Heads of police stations and Activist headquarters of Telsiai district

All arrests of political nature are carried out by local police bodies / in counties heads of police stations /. Submitted complaints are investigated by heads of police stations and other local police officers, who have power to handle criminal cases. Local police bodies decide whether to hold suspect arrested or to release. If local police bodies found necessary to hold suspect arrested / if there are grounds/ then case of arrested should be submitted to the head of Telsiai criminal police/ case may be submitted with arrested person or without one. In later case arrested may be left at county’s guard-room/. It is strictly forbidden to take and execute death sentences by local initiative.

When convoying the arrested measures should be taken for them not to escape, notices that “arrested was shot on escape” will be strictly investigated. Every self initiative will be subject to criminal case.

All cases of Telsiai district and investigations on communist bolsheviks and their allies cannot be held at local police archives and all cases where suspects are held arrested or released are sent to head of Telsiai criminal police. All political cases shall be given further legal sanction by head of criminal police of Telsiai district.

Envoy / Captain Noreika

Leader of Lithuanian Activist Front Telsiai headquarters

Envoy/ Ramanauskas

Head of Telsiai district

Telsiai, 25 th July 1941

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