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Gochin Annexes


To head of Kursenai borough

[Hand written]



I inform that Pliuskus Iganas is appointed manager of farm of Jew Shneider in Medvalakiai village.

I assign to you Gentleman to resettle current residents from abovementioned farm and settle Pliukas Iganas in there. This assignment should be executed until October 27th of this year and reported to me.

When this [w] rit is received I request to go to abovementioned farm immediately and make a list of all property and submit it under signature to Ignas Pliuskus. Original of transfer deed to be sent to Agriculturist of district, copy to be kept in cases of the borough.

[signature: Noreika]

Head of Siauliai district

Secretary [signature]

Original received: [signature]

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