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Below is a translation of Matas Krygeris book Rustus prisiminimai (Wrathful memories), printed in Kaunas 1994


During 1941 Matas Krygeris was attorney general (state prosecutor) for Siauliai county.

page 50


Not all arrested were transferred to Siauliai prison to gestapo jurisdiction. Some brothers lithuanians were carrying execution by their own initiative. In Telsiai a self-formed super-patriot lithuanian “battlefield court”, which judged “communists”, “communist activists”, was executing judgments it self.


I went to Telsiai to investigate what is going on. In headquarters of Lithuanian Activist Front in Telsiai, B.A. which entitled him self as “battlefield court” prosecutor, introduced me as Siauliai county court prosecutor, who came to speak on account of arrested. I openly spoked to the gathered:

- I think that you have perceived, that second hitler occupation of Lithuania took place, which does not promise any good. I oppose Your organised “battlefield court” and it’s death executions.


LAF Telsiai headquarters were holding many arrested in one barack and Telsiai prison. I offered to release them free, until gestapo didn’t take them over. There were no opposition. Augustinas Ramanauskas, who later became general advisor for agriculture said in addition: “ I said that we are doing bad thing”. In this way [I] succeeded to release these arrested as well.

page 51

Remembering the unordinary LAF characters in this meeting I thought why them, who experienced cruel tyranny of Stalin and execution of lithuanian nation, smeared their hands with lithuanian blood. Isn’t it a pervertedly understood patriotism?


From local government officials german general commissar has given the main role to heads of districts, who had power over heads of parish, town burmisters (except Vilnius and Kaunas) and police.

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