The Captain Jonas Noreika Backroom

This is the work area where material for the Captain Jonas Noreika Museum, Archive and Forum is being organized.

Editor Andrius Kulikauskas,, +370 607 27 665

  • The Desk Murderer A collection of about 100 documents related to the Holocaust which crossed Jonas Noreika's desk when he was District Chief in Šiauliai.
  • Gochin Annexes A collection of documents submitted by Grant Gochin's lawyer in May, 2020 in his case against the Genocide Center.
  • 2018 Gochin Query
  • Gochin Archive

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  • 7/23/15 A petition by nineteen Lithuanians opposing any honours for Noreika was submitted to Vilnius Mayor Remigijus Simasius.
  • 5/30/17 I filed a Lawsuit against the ... . No further action taken.
  • 10/14/17 LGGRTC reply on LNP – They gave a veiled threat as a reply, an insufficient and insulting response.
  • 3/16/18 Letter sent to Ombudsman of Parliament. Communication pointing out that LGGRTC distributed false information regarding Brazaitis, another Holocaust perpetrator.
  • 5/15/2018 A letter regarding LGGRTC exoneration of Kazys Skirpa sent to President Grybauskaite with copies to the Lithuanian Jewish Community, USA Ambassador to Lithuania, and Israel Ambassador to Lithuania. Letter text in Lithuanian.
  • 5/26/2018 Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius responds to the Skirpa inquiry. Letter in Lithuanian.
  • 6/23/2018 Response from the Parliamentary Ombudsman regarding Skirpa inquiry. Letter text in Lithuanian.
  • 6/26/2018 A letter was sent to LGGRTC regarding the timeframe of Kazys Skirpa investigation.
  • 7/11/2018 LGGRTC response to the Skirpa Inquiry in which they deny that Skirpa’s actions were antisemitic. Letter text in Lithuanian.
  • 7/18/18 LGGRTC responds to the historical study.
  • 7/18/18 LGGRTC published their response to the 6/20 academic study.
  • 8/17/20 Prosecutor declined
  • 8/2018 I filed a lawsuit against LGGRTC in the Vilnius County Administrative court demanding retraction of the false findings.
  • 8/2018 First Submission to Vilnius Public Prosecutor‘s office to investigate LGGRTC for Holocaust denial. Submission summarily denied.
  • 4/2019 Case appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania
  • 7/16/20 Vilnius District Court heard appeal. Denied. Apparently, I failed to provide clarity within my statements as to which rights have been violated and how this violation must be soothed.
  • 8/10/20 Appeal filed with Lithuanian Civil Supreme Court Cassation review is possible only if the law is incorrectly applied or interpreted. This also breaks new ground with no prior case law as history. I was infuriated that the Courts refused to apply Constitution Article 30 directly and as such, is a deviation from previous practice of the Supreme Court.
  • 8/18/20 Civil Supreme Court issued decision – Denied. Basically, the Supreme Court does not regard as legal anything that is not directly used for the formation of new applicable jurisprudence.

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  • 10/21/16 only then did Mayor Simasius with a refusal.
  • 7/2/15 LGGRTC (The Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Research Center), provided a report to Mayor Siamsius claiming that Jonas Noreika...
  • 11/16/2015 A public statement claiming blasphemy by the nineteen signatories, besmirching true Lithuanian Patriots. It is claimed that this petition is yet another by “Agents of the East (enemies of the State), Jews and other stupid people.
  • 2/2017 A letter was sent to the President Grybauskaite about Kazys Skirpa, another perpetrator. A jumbled mixture of non information was the response received.
  • 6/2018 A letter containing additional information on Jonas Noreika sent to President Grybauskaite, received an irritatingly non responsive response, designed to shut down communication.
  • 6/18/18 I requested that Vilnius Mayor Simasius should re-evaluate his earlier decision, based upon the new and current research findings.
  • 2/2019 – Ombudsman of the Parliament forwarded to the Journalistic Ethics Department, a complaint concerning the LGGRTC’s completely unethical behaviors. Once again, this garnered no response of any kind.
  • 4/2019 Request communicated to Vilnius Mayor Simasius that he rectify the outlandishly incorrect information concerning the ownership and maintenance of the Noreika monument. Received no reply whatsoever.
  • 12/2019 LGGRTC issues “new findings” claiming that Noreika was actually a rescuer of Jews. (Stancikas Memo). This finding is a fantasy. This mythical finding was ridiculed by many academics in Lithuania. In fact, the author of this finding was not in any way a historian. He is in fact a geologist in government employ.
  • 12/27/19 The Director of LGGRTC, still claiming my academic researchers were “dilettantes” said: “History Education Not Important, Belief in Research Results Is”

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  • 9/25/19 Congressman Brad Sherman writes to PM of Lithuania to identify LGGRTC misstatements of facts, and misuse of US Congressional documents in their Holocaust revisionism.
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